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Feasibility Studies

What is the need to carry out feasibility studies?

Any project’s success or failure depends primarily upon four specific parameters (i)
Ownership, (ii) Approval, (iii) Demand and (iv) Delivery.
There are problems associated with the land records system that is dated 1906 and the
system of incorporating “Ownership” change in land records. It is a complex and
maneuverable system and is often abused by its operators and record keepers.
Customers not familiar with Patwari and this land system often get trapped and become
a victim of fraud. A landowner can manage to sell his same property to more than one
buyer, or the physical location of the proposed land might be different from what is given
in the land papers. This system will remain unreliable and susceptible for property
transfer until the system is digitized and improved to bring transparency in ownership
status and its transfer.

The “Approval” of the project is its existing status regarding necessary approvals,
planning permissions and compliance to applicable by-laws and regulations of the
concerned regulatory authority.

A project is feasible for execution when there is a market “Demand” for its deliverables.
The “Demand” of a project can be determined by analyzing social and demographic
aspects of the proposed project and area by carrying out Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT), Political, Economic, Social and Technological (PEST)
and financial analysis as well as demand and supply analysis.
“Delivery” of any project is dependent on positive cash flows and effective project
management. The feasibility studies put emphasis upon the demand and delivery of the
project by considering its technical, operational, economic, and financial aspects.
Feasibility studies provide stakeholders with the specific knowledge, understanding of
the proposed project and available best options that are helpful in making important
investment decisions. It all happens through careful survey, evaluation and analysis of
the market size and key players in site proximity, site potential, customer demand,
market supply position, competitors, possible risks and roadblocks.

What kind of feasibility study services does PropSure offer?

The services provided by PropSure includes:

1. Screening Study

The screening study puts forward an overall view of the proposed project being
feasible for execution or not in the light of provisions of a master plan, peri-urban
structure plan and outline development plan. It examines the project’s ability to meet
the requirements of the regulatory body and its applicable by-laws.

2. Pre-Feasibility Study

The pre-feasibility study incorporates all the major components such as available
utilities, livability, title plan information, title register and valuation of the property.
Pre-feasibility studies help the decision-makers and investors to decide on a detailed
market study/feasibility study.

3. Market Study

In order to determine the project's viability, a comprehensive market study is
conducted that includes SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, financial evaluation, demand
and supply analysis, provision of alternatives and their comparison, selection of best
alternative, the status of trunk infrastructure and utility services (road, water supply,
sewerage, drainage, electricity, gas etc.)

What are the feasibility studies completed by PropSure?

Feasibility Studies completed by PropSure for the following projects:
i. Islamabad Business District- - Imarat Developers Pvt. Ltd. Islamabad
ii. Mall of Arabia (Amazon Mall (SMC) Pvt, ltd.)
iii. Margalla View Apartments (Twin City Housing Pvt. Ltd. Islamabad)
iv. Lahore Times Square (Lahore Times Square Pvt. Ltd.)
v. Adhwal Housing Scheme, Rawalpindi (Imarat Group)
vi. Amanah Apartments Lahore (Amanah Estate Private Limited)
vii. Wellness Club-Imarat Developers Pvt. Ltd. Islamabad
viii. Jinnah Square Apartments Lahore (JSM Heights Private Limited)
ix. Apartment project- Services Cooperative Housing Society
x. Imarat Residences- Imarat Developers Pvt. Ltd. Islamabad
xi. Romanzah Golf Club (DHA Multan)
xii. Emaar Crescent Bay (HA Emaar)