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What is the importance of land data in real estate?

Land and Real Estate assets contribute to between 45% to 75% of the wealth of
developing nations. And still, almost a third of the global real estate industry, worth $11
trillion, is managed on spreadsheets. Despite huge business volume and potential, most
part of the real estate industry has not yet adopted information technology (IT),
especially in terms of a database.

What are the data services provided by PropSure?

PropSure Digital Solutions is the first institution in Pakistan that has managed to create a
sizeable digital database for the real estate industry. Its database has more than 4
million verified properties across Pakistan with more than 50 attributes. It is
continuously expanded by including details of more properties on a daily basis.
The vector-based digital spatial data of PropSure contains attributes of each plot/property
situated in the planned or approved housing societies across all major urban centres of
Pakistan. Survey teams deputed in six offices of PropSure across Pakistan have
physically inspected each property included in its database to verify their locations,
attributes, and status of the availability of amenities and utilities etc. Furthermore, the
status of the properties is rechecked periodically and routinely updated in the database

What are the benefits of spatial data bank?

The access to the spatial data bank of PropSure by the stakeholders of the Real Estate
Industry and service providing companies can be an excellent value addition for them.
It can improve their operations along with enhancing their clientele, market share, quality
of service delivery, efficiency, and ultimately the revenues.

What are the potential users of spatial data bank?

The potential users of spatial data bank can be:
Line services managing companies (Water, Gas, Fiber optics, internet, and TV cable)
Address based services
Delivery of goods and products purchased Online
Postal services
Delivery services (food, taxi etc.)
Bank Financing & Insurance
Online Land Registry
Political parties for election campaign